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Le tue Attivita

D'estate e D'inverno



Bikes, excursions

At 10 meters from the hotel there is a cycle / pedestrian path completely immersed in nature. During the journey you will find: mountain huts, the fortresses dating back to the First World War and a stupendous view.For lovers of e-bike or electric bike, the hotel offers an electrical outlet to recharge it (taking its own charger).


Pony school

At 50 meters from the hotel there is a pony school suitable for children where they can learn to ride a horse and experience a child-friendly equestrian tourism, thanks to the assistance of qualified staff. The pony will be a travel and adventure companion, and not least a way to experience mountain walks with mum and dad.



Amusement park

Acropark has already become a popular destination for lovers of strong emotions. The Zip Circle path will leave you speechless: composed of a system of cableways with a flight over the Lonaba pond, giving unparalleled sensations. But as if this were not enough, there are four other routes: from the easiest ones like Kid Explorer and Junior Adventure, to the Emotion and the sensational Braves Only.




Tanzer park is born, the new adventure park for all those who want to put themselves to the test and who want to experience the thrill of walking on a Tibetan bridge 40 meters above the ground, balancing on a 20 meter slakline and darting from one side of the valley on very long cableways! Taking inspiration from the requests of the most adventurous, Tanzer Park creates its new adventure park in the green … You can really put yourself to the test, our park is a whole other thing !!


Swimming pool, gym, bathing area, tennis.

A set of sports facilities distributed between Roana, Mezzaselva and Asiago.


Downhill skiing

Come and ski on the slopes of Verena, the highest and most snow-covered Asiago.


Cross-country skiing


You will ski through woods and pastures immersed in the green you can reach the Altipiani di Vezzena and Luserna (TN), whose wide and spectacular scenery opens along a carousel of paths of over 100 kilometers.



Ice arena

A set of sports facilities distributed between Roana, Mezzaselva and Asiago.




Great War Museum

A museum that speaks of history, of the First World War where the Asiago plateau has made a large part of it. Outside you will find two large cannons that master the entrance and a garden to the side where there is the “Vaca Mora” a little train that climbed up the Asiago plateau many years ago. Inside you will find a guide that will make you relive through the various photos and relics (uniforms, weapons of that period, tools, kitchens and many other things of that time) as was the First World War


Cimbrian Culture Museum

The Cimbrian Institute of Culture of Roana / Robaan arose in 1973 to record the still spoken forms of this language and to study the problems related to it, especially with regard to the populations that brought it to the plateau in the early Middle Ages. These recovery and study activities are carried out with the support of the Veneto Region, in collaboration with the Curatorium Cimbricum Bavarense, the Curatorium Cimbricum Veronense and the Cimbrian Institute of Luserna.


Bostel Museum

Collects artifacts from systematic excavations and findings of various kinds occurring throughout the territory of the plateau. The findings testify to the millenary frequentation (since Prehistory) by Man in this particular mountain environment and the strong historical and cultural unity and continuity with the territory.